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About Us

Our goal is to make Rain House Weatherpack backpacks available for a Global Community all over the world while SAVING LIVES daily with our writable Patent Pending “In case of Emergency Interior tag” located within all of our backpacks where vital information, including medical can be stored and located for protection and emergency situations.

Our Story…

Rain House Weatherpack backpacks began out of a casual conversation between 2 Friends in 2019 about internet sales from another acquaintance who was wholesaling generic backpacks on Amazon. 

From that conversation, 1 friend begin thinking “how could I make a better backpack specifically designed for children”. From that thought, 1 hand drawn sketch was drawn by the CEO with the exact same features as current on each Rain House Weatherpack Backpack (my Son added the rain drop to the logo once he saw the Original Sketch).

The Rain Cover came later in the process and within weeks a manufacturer was contacted, samples were made, details were hammered out and a Final Product was ready for production in 2020.

Due to Copyright & Registration issues received from USTPO 2 weeks before full Production, the Company Name had to be changed from the Original Name and within minutes Rain House Weatherpack , LLC was born. New samples were made with a few new changes and given to my Daughter who’s a College Basketball player as a Tester in which it was declared that “these backpacks will not be just for kids”. The 1st Line of Rain House Backpacks were completed in Dec 2021 and received in Feb 2022.

Our Promise to You

To deliver the highest quality packs on the market.   


Water Resistant

All of our Weatherpack backpacks are water resistant.


In Case of...

All of our packs come with an interior writable, “In Case of Emergency” tag for vital information.



Our two-tone backpacks are made from 600D Polyester which means they’ll take you anywhere.


Always Stylish

Our packs are designed to go anywhere and still look great. They come in a variety of colors for all occasions.

Only The Best
Quality Backpacks

  • Weatherpack backpacks are 18 inches
  • Made from 600D Polyester
  • Includes EZ carry handle
  • Reflective Webbing Ring for Sanitizer, Flashlight or Keys
  • Double Mesh Twin side pockets
  • 15 in laptop compartment with Velcro Security strap, padded back support & extra front storage pocket (shown here).
Strap Highlights